“Travis is a fantastic speaker.  His ability to connect with the audience and bring them into his story and motivational message is captivating.   Not only is he a phenomenal speaker that will inspire the audience  – he is a joy to work with as a keynote speaker on the event planning side.  He is adaptive and responsive to any audience and I would highly recommend Travis Daigle and hope to work with him again in the future.”

Andrea Keikkala, Executive Director of Washington Business Week

“As an event organizer, I was looking for a speaker who could move an audience by sharing their story of success and failure, but also connect with the audience in a genuine way. This is exactly what I got with Travis. Travis was a true professional and knew how to work a large room by connecting with each attendee. My team and I was so impressed with him as well as the feedback I received from attendees were very positive. If you are looking for a quality speaker, Travis Daigle is your guy!”

Paul Long, Founder of The South Sound Small Business Summit

“I first heard Travis Daigle speak at the TEDx event held in November 2018; I was immediately captured by his humble and authentic style.  His approach is very engaging – he is real and likeable, and his message is powerful. We all need to overcome adversity at some point, and he provides you with the tools to be successful.”

Charlie Davis, President and CEO of The YMCA Pierce/Kitsap Counties


“Your talk was especially relatable; your tone and presence putting the audience at ease… we believe that everyone walked away inspired to bridge the gap; both within themselves and within their community.”

TEDx Tacoma Steering Committee 

“I witnessed Travis address FBS football coaches and student-athletes at Indiana University with a story about courage in the face of fear.  Specifically, he spoke about overcoming his fear of water in the process of becoming a US Army Special Forces Soldier.  His personal story is incredibly powerful and his ability to make that story relatable to his audience is phenomenal.”

Eric Kapitulik, Founder and CEO of The Program, LLC

“I believe you will be struck by his professionalism, ease to work with, dedication to excellence, and dynamic inspirational presentation.”

Dan Moynihan, RN, MultiCare Health System

Daigle 2

My expertise is personal growth and resilience.  My efficacy as a speaker hinges on my ability to use my own stories to connect with the mental/emotional obstacles that audience faces and share universal strategies to overcome those obstacles.  My diversity of personal experience  allows me to connect with a wide range of audience demographics.  I’ve spoken to Division 1 Collegiate Athletes, High School/College Students, Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs, Healthcare Staff, and Non-Profit Organizations.  I tell real world stories about overcoming massive challenges and give practical mental strategies from lessons learned.

Core Topics –

  • Failure as an Experiment – We tend to organize life through stories.  However, when we fail or when life doesn’t go the way we expect, our stories get interrupted.  This can be incredibly painful, unless we redefine failure as a signal that our story needs to change.  The ability to embrace failure as feedback gives us the resilience to face major life transitions and experience profound personal growth.  Here, I use my transition from Corporate America to Combat Veteran to help illuminate this idea to the audience.
  • Fundamentals win Fights – In a time of relentless advance by science and technology, our lives are getting easier and the stories we tell about ourselves on the internet seem to be getting more glamorous.  The lure of instant gratification and a need to keep up with false images can make one forget about the basic tasks in life that ultimately lead to the most success.  However, in combat, you can’t make that mistake.  In this speech I tell the story of my only gunfight in Afghanistan.  In that scenario, Life and Death came down to fundamentals.  I emphasize the need to translate a sense of urgency to all parts of life… Especially, the most basic parts.
  • The Power of Ownership – “The system is set up against me!”  “My spouse isn’t supportive!”  “My Boss doesn’t recognize my abilities.”  “But I was abused!”  “But I have Cancer!”  On an individual basis, all of these things can be true.  However, the individual is responsible for how they respond.  Every person on the planet will experience adversity of some sort.  Taking complete ownership of that adversity is what creates the opportunity to transcend it.  In this speech I describe the circumstances that surrounded some of my most critical life decisions and how taking ownership has lead to some of my greatest success.

Depending on event specifics, I’m willing to work with different types of budgets.  If you are interested in having me as a speaker please contact me at Travis@TravisDaigle.com.

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