My name is Travis Daigle. Through speaking and writing, I share lessons learned from overcoming a past of abuse, obesity, and debt… challenging myself as a Former Engineer and Special Operations Soldier… and presently, training to compete in Mixed Martial Arts. My hope is that my journey helps others meet challenges with the determination to Adapt and Overcome.

  • Place your Email below (bottom of the page) to subscribe to my weekly Blog . In each post I share some of my own journey/perspective with the goal of helping you with your own. I discuss all topics: Money, Health, Relationships, Career, Race, Sex, Religion, Politics etc. You won’t agree with everything. If I’m doing my job to be an example of authenticity, you shouldn’t agree with everything. My hope is that my writing helps us to grow personally while making more room for the stories and experiences of others. (FYI – It’s rare, but sometimes I use explicit language. Again, it’s rare but I try to convey my authentic thoughts and feelings.)
  • Contact me at with questions, comments, or, for inquiries about speaking, Click Here.
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