2019 South Sound Small Business Summit

What People Say

University of Washington – Tacoma Grit City Mondays

“Travis Daigle has all the traits that one might expect from the kind of motivational speaker who lays his personal trauma on the table, tells it like it is, and prompts his audience into at least several moments — hopefully longer — of deep introspection. … Travis exudes charisma, grace, warmth, and humility in all things. He is a phenomenal speaker and, generally, a delightful person to know.”  

Joanna Kresge, Assistant Editor w/ Premier Media
2018 TEDx Tacoma

“Travis is a fantastic speaker.  His ability to connect with the audience and bring them into his story and motivational message is captivating.   Not only is he a phenomenal speaker that will inspire the audience – he is a joy to work with as a keynote speaker on the event planning side.  He is adaptive and responsive to any audience and I would highly recommend Travis Daigle and hope to work with him again in the future.”

Andrea Keikkala, Executive Director of Washington Business Week

“I first heard Travis Daigle speak at the TEDx event held in November 2018; I was immediately captured by his humble and authentic style.  His approach is very engaging – he is real and likeable, and his message is powerful. We all need to overcome adversity at some point, and he provides you with the tools to be successful.”

Charlie Davis, President and CEO of The YMCA Pierce/Kitsap Counties
2019 South Sound Small Business Summit

“I witnessed Travis address FBS football coaches and student-athletes at Indiana University with a story about courage in the face of fear.  Specifically, he spoke about overcoming his fear of water in the process of becoming a US Army Special Forces Soldier. His personal story is incredibly powerful and his ability to make that story relatable to his audience is phenomenal.”

Eric Kapitulik, Founder and CEO of The Program, LLC
2019 South Sound Business IDEA Awards

Contact me at Travis@TravisDaigle.com with inquiries about speaking.

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