Resilience and Personal Growth

Adapt and Overcome – Aug 2020 Virtual TEDxYouth Presentation for Bellevue High School

After watching the video above try using the following set of reflection questions to exercise the mental skills related to problem solving:

Go through the following articles and work through the questions in each one. This my best attempt to succinctly explain the mental model I am advocating for building resilience and experiencing personal growth. Do the work. Adapt and Overcome. Subscribe below for Updates:

  1. Pain … A Good Thing – This post dives into the underlying difficulty of taking ownership of difficult problems and learning the value of goal setting.
  2. We Solve Problems Everyday – What do I mean by ‘Problem’? Here we take a look at the skills of problem solving that lead to resilience and personal growth. We all have this muscle it’s a matter of activating it in the face of really tough problems.
  3. Is That True? – The story we use to frame life is where we will also run into the problems we need to solve. Identifying and updating your story is the most critical part of problem solving in everyday life.
  4. It Isn’t That Simple – One has to acknowledge their tendency to oversimplify complex situations and sometimes our own interpretation of self is far too simple. That follow on task is to know that sometimes you will be wrong… and that’s okay.
  5. First Principles – Be willing to look at what is fundamentally true about where you currently are and where you currently believe you want to go. Reason from the cold hard truth.
  6. Pull Yourself Up By Your Gratitude – The regular practice of gratitude is so simple yet so powerful in transforming how we see the utility of the world around us.

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