Snowed In

Hopefully everyone has thawed out after last week’s surprise winter storm. It hit 0 degrees here in Little Rock, Arkansas. That’s unheard of. I think we got somewhere around 12 inches of snow. Here’s a view from the front window of the duplex I live in:

Little Rock, AR – 2/17/2021

What might be even crazier is what it looked like outside just one week later:

Little Rock, AR – 2/24/2021

It was in the 70’s in the picture just above. It had been in the teen’s during the daytime last week. Crazy…

The weather shutdown the city. My employer shutdown for the week. I’m an hourly employee so that means I lose money but, I’ve been diligent about saving my money so it was no sweat off my back. Last week just became an opportunity to hang out with my girlfriend and accelerate my progress on the book I’ve been working on. I still worked out and I even lost a little weight last week because I was taking more time to cook with the time off work. It was a nice little reset to be honest.

I’m not bragging. There are clearly large forces in this world that are completely out of our control. The speed at which this snow storm came, shutdown everything. A week later, it’s like it never even happened. I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt yesterday. Last week, I’m fairly certain that there were people who died here in Little Rock due to exposure to temperatures in the single digits. There are problems that arise that we can’t do anything about but then there are those things that we can control.

Last week gave me a huge opportunity to spend multiple days working for 4-5 hours each day, editing the book that I started writing back in June of 2020. I never had a moment of worry about money because I’ve worked diligently since getting here to Little Rock, to budget and save. You all know that frugality has been a long standing habit for me but, I also know that my employer could be shutdown any day due to the pandemic. Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst. There are problems that arise that we can do lot’s of things to solve.

We’re about a year in at this point. March 2020 is when things began to lock down back in Washington State. The vaccine is being rolled out but I doubt that ‘normal’ will be achieved in 2021. So what are we going to do about it?

  • Is there some chronic musculoskeletal pain you’ve been struggling with? – Try researching some stretches/exercises you can do daily for the next year to help.
  • Are you struggling financially? – Put a budget together, start researching ways to make extra money, start looking into ways to gain new skills, what are some ways you can cut your spending (what would a couple simple changes equate to, after a year of time?)
  • Are there some relationships that have suffered over the last year? – What would it mean to call that person 1/month? Or, send them an email once every other week?
  • But Travis, I’m healthy, financially I’m set, my relationships are great? – Okay, who can you help? There are always non-profits looking for people that want to invest time and energy. I’m certain there are kids who could use some zoom mentoring right now as the possibility of distance school drags on.

A book seemed like such a huge task 8 months ago. Back then, I told myself that I would write at least 30 minutes a day. Some days I have written for 2 hours and pumped out 6-7 pages. Some days I’ve spent most of that 30 minutes starring at the screen and maybe I got out a couple sentences. 8 months later I’m almost ready to hand a draft to my mother to read over. My writing endurance has gone up big time. I’m excited to see what happens with my blogging ability once the book is complete. I’m also excited to share the book with you all.

A little task that you can hit over and over again, for the next year. You don’t need perfection. You need something small enough for you to be willing to show up every day. What’s the meaningful change that you can break down to 1 or 2 simple daily tasks? Control what you can control.


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