Blowin’ Up!

This week I don’t have much to say because I’d rather share with you the article that was written up about me via South Sound Business Magazine. The magazine is distributed to thousands of people in the South Sound Region! It’s both cool and weird to get that kind of exposure. I definitely want to reach as many people as possible but that also means being known by more people. That gives me a bit of pause to be honest. I’m an introvert by nature. Assuming I continue to build awareness behind what I’m doing, more people will know who I am over time. It’s good to spread the message to more people in service and financial terms. However, I will have to learn to deal with more attention over time. It’s a good problem to have and definitely not something I ever saw myself dealing with as a kid (I’m referring to the attention of others).

Has life presented you with some poetic irony lately? How are you handling it?

Here’s the link to the article: .


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