Slaying The Dragon

The last 7 years have been challenging in a multitude of ways.  I’ve given being my own boss a run in several different ways.  As a personal trainer under the umbrella of another gym, as a personal trainer on my own, and, of course, as a motivational speaker.  It’s been an amazing journey and I have developed skills that are unique and valuable but the one thing I haven’t developed through these endeavors is real, sustainable cash flow.

“Travis, you’re such a good communicator!”

“Travis, you explain things so well!”

“Travis, you’re a natural coach!”

Compliments I’ve received over the years.  I’m grateful to have received these words of encouragement but, compliments don’t pay bills.  With every iteration that I’ve been through since leaving the military in 2012, I invariably run into the issue of low funds.  It’s not only, not having much money, but it’s also the fatigue of never being able to do much beyond work and be at home.  There hasn’t been much in the way of ‘fun extra’s’ in the last 7 years.  It’s a conscious decision I have made but it wears on you.  I haven’t visited my parents in a couple years and I have friends in Houston, TX that I haven’t seen in a decade.  Vacation?  What’s that?

As much as I get frustrated over my status as a single man, I haven’t had the income to take care of a family since I left the military.  Have I had opportunities to have that income?  Yes.  But here’s the other part of the equation.  You see, in every job I have had since the military, I invariably (again, invariably) come to some point where the bullshit that I am asked to put up with gets to be too much and I walk.  So much for that stable paycheck.

My challenge is that I disparately want to be my own boss, I want to be uncompromising in my message and my story, and I want to make good money!  In comes Day Trading in the stock market.  I never thought this journey would position me to become a stock trader in Wall Street but here I am.  I’m more savvy than the average person on personal finance.  That’s the main reason I have made such little income work for so long.  But more than that, I have high levels of self discipline and emotional control.  Turns out that these are two of the key ingredients in becoming a successful day trader.  Add to that the fact that I have a degree in Electrical Engineering and you have a perfect storm for learning a skill that will help me create cash flow anywhere in the world and be my own boss.

I will continue to speak and I will be beginning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu soon to start my MMA journey.  However, my primary goal, currently, is to become a successful day trader.  Why?  If I do as well at this as I think I can, I would imagine that in 3-5 years I’ll be earning 6 figures or more, per year from trading stocks.  Here’s what this means:

  • Somebody wants me to tweak my message and not talk about sexual abuse from my past.  ‘Screw you!’ I don’t need your money or exposure to your people with those types of strings attached.
  • I’m doing my MMA training and tweak a muscle.  No problem!  I’ll go to massage and physical therapy as much as is needed (I’ve only had one message in my life.  I’m wise enough to know how to take care of my own body but that cash flow opens up a whole new lane of possibilities.)
  • Never ever again would I have to be concerned about explaining to a woman why all our dates have to be of the ‘free.99’ because I’m chasing my dreams.
  • Never again would I have to stop moving my business as a speaker and writer forward because I ran out of money.

No!  Money is not everything, but it can quickly solve lots of problems.  Money has never been a huge motivator for myself.  My drive has always been to inspire and help others find personal growth.  With Day Trading, I plan to Slay the Dragons of Cash Flow and Being My own Boss for good!  I believe that it’s precisely these things that will allow me to continue to share my message in a way that isn’t compromised.

I’ll write more about Day Trading.  For now, I want you to ask yourself about the dragons that you must slay in order to experience the freedom you desire.  What are the barriers that you continually run into?  What are the solutions that maybe you have never entertained?


Solve Problems. Build Resilience.

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