The Workshop is Canceled…

Positive cash flow is often touted as the key to having a successful business.  That’s not totally true.  Positive cash flow that allows the owner(s) and employees of that business to live a long term sustainable economic existence is the key to a successful business… In my opinion.

As much as I want to do a workshop, it was never meant to sustain my business.   It was more about getting in a room with people and helping them experience paradigm shifts.  I had put down the idea of pursuing more paid speaking opportunities.  Speaking is a mysterious business.  I love the craft of public speaking but even more so, I love helping people solve problems from a mental/emotional standpoint.  The question has always been, “How do I find the people that are willing to pay me for what I do?”  Also, “How do I accurately convey what I do?”  Also, “How do I find other speakers who have been able to turn a profit?”

Well, something happened about a week ago.  A motivational speaker that I have followed for the last 4 years put together a course to show other speakers how to build their business.  There are other courses out there but price and trust have been barriers for me.  This course is the right price from someone I trust.  I pulled the trigger.

Logistically, this means I’m putting my time and energy into building a speaking business that I had put down at the beginning of the year.  I’m taking time and energy away from the workshop in order to pursue this.  Let me be clear:  A 45 minute speech doesn’t change anyone.  A message can facilitate a shift in a person’s mind if they chose.  That’s the key word, facilitate.  Moving on to a blog and podcast that explores life as a whole can continue to nurture that shift.  Speaking can build awareness about what I do on this website while also paying me well to do something I love.  Sounds good to me!

To say yes to one thing is to say no to other things.  Speaking can be incredibly lucrative if one has a strategic marketing process that they are willing to work.  I have that now.  If I do this correctly, it will allow me to continue to do this work for the long haul.  That’s what I am ultimately after.  Therefore, the workshop is canceled.  I was excited about it and I’m sorry to have to put a pause on it.  I’m not going to promise that it will ever happen because that just isn’t clear at the moment.

Of course my intention is not merely notification and sincere apology for a change, but also to highlight an underlying principle that I watch people violate constantly:  Saying yes to one, means saying no to others.  To do something well takes significant amounts of time, with focused and consistent action against that ‘something’.  In today’s world you can do everything, but you can’t do everything, well.

It seems that the ability to deny ourselves participation in things that seem like a good fit can often lead to a greater experience of freedom with time.  As former Navy SEAL Commander, Jocko Willink, says, “Discipline Equals Freedom.”

Go deeper in this week’s episode 36 of the Podcast.

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