Emotions as Good Teachers (Presentation)

We’re all familiar with that cloud… You know the one I’m talking about.  It’s that chaotic cloud of emotions that comes when you hit a tension point in life.  Frustration.  Disorientation.  Despair.  Loneliness.  Irritation.  Pain… and a range of other emotions whose sensation have the potential to distract us from the target… Freedom.

Over time I have learned that the ability to manage and navigate that emotional cloud is directly correlated to the ability to experience a deeper sense of freedom in life.  Just like we need a compass and map as tools to navigate rough terrain, we also need tools to navigate the frustration that comes with the mental/emotional terrain of behavior change… The changes that lead to the life, health, career, business, money, relationships etc. that we want.

The more I work with people to help them see and experience growth in their personal lives, the more I see the need to help people understand how to not be governed by their emotions.  I think the role of a good teacher is to facilitate and guide the student’s understanding of the subject matter.  Depending on the context, that facilitation and guidance my need to be heavy-handed in order to push the student to tap into their potential.  If Life is the Subject Matter, then I think Our Emotions are often the Teachers.  They come not to enslave us, but to help us find a better understanding of the external world and our internal world.  Remember those 2 problems we all must solve?

The video below is me speaking at The 2019 South Sound Small Business Summit.  Failure may be one of the most potent stimuli to eliciting painful emotions.  But, as I challenge the audience of small business owners to think about here, what will you learn from it?

Episode 34 of the podcast has the audio as well.  The video let’s you see the PowerPoint slides.

I 100% believe you’ll get something out of this so take your time and watch/listen!  We’ll delve into this a lot during the upcoming Workshop.

I love y’all!  Keep Moving Forward!



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