2 Problems Everyone Must Solve…

  1. Perception of Reality (Internal Growth)
  2. Reality Itself (External Change)

These are the two challenges of anyone who is actively pursuing personal growth.  When I was in high school and started having my own money, I eventually paid for a membership to the YMCA.  In college my school had a big beautiful recreation center.  Back then, it was hard to imagine the reality of exercise without fancy gym equipment.  Then I joined the Army and got introduced to the power of body-weight training.  No special equipment needed.  This shift in perspective has been pivotal as an entrepreneur.  Gym memberships cost a lot.  It’s hard to justify a $60-80/month gym membership when you know you can get just as effective of a workout at home, for free.  However, the challenge is that the gym feels so much ‘sexier’, ‘cooler’, or more ‘social’.  This is where one has to grow internally in order to see their living room in a new way.  The goal of health combined with the reality of financial constraints, is the impetus for a conscious shift in how one perceives of simple inexpensive tools.

Another example that you all have heard me talk about is in dating.  I have the goal of someday having a life partner.  The reality I must contend with is the fact that I can not control how a woman responds to my advances.  As I have written before, this has been one of the most frustrating parts of my life.  The goal of long-term relationship combined with the reality of many rejections (with no feed back) forces me to develop internally, if I am to stay the course:

  • Time as a single man gives me lots of room and energy to work on making my passion sustainable.
  • I’m learning that all that I need in this life is within me and I can experience joy apart from a woman or anyone for that matter.  I’m learning to want a partner versus needing a partner.
  • I developed some coping mechanisms as a kid that are not helpful in facilitating a long term relationship and fidelity to one woman.  This time gives me the opportunity to adjust those habits.

I could give other examples but I think you get it.  A vision or goal for how our reality could be, then compels us to shift our perceptions of our current reality, so as to then begin engaging in behaviors that move that reality toward our desired goals… our version of freedom…

I wanted my body to change, so I had to change…

I wanted my finances to change, so I had to change…

I wanted my relationships to change, so I had to change…

I wanted my work to change, so I had to change…

This is character development.


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