No Social Media?!

I know it’s been a long time since I wrote anything for the blog.  Thank you for your patience and support.  The last 3-4 months has been interesting in terms of trying to figure out where to focus my energy.  You may have noticed that I am no longer posting to social media.  I have nothing against social media but one thing I began to ask myself long ago is, “Do social media platforms allow me to share content with someone who is more likely to do something with that content?”  The answer:  I’m not sure.

I heard so many people tell me about being on all the social media platforms.  One thing that I learned was that people are more willing to engage with short pieces of content.  No so much with the 1000-1500 word blog posts I was previously posting.  The primary reason I slowed blogging down was to focus writing efforts on my book.  I’m want to start posting short blog posts now because I enjoy doing it and serving you all in this way.  However, in order to experience personal growth, deep introspective work has to be done.  There has to be a process that one commits to being in, regularly.  The Videos I post on YouTube tend to be 5-10 minutes in length and my podcast episodes are usually about an hour.  I put the content out to help facilitate transformation in people’s lives.  The short snippets that people may or may not see on a regular basis, via social media, can only provide a brief high.  If I were promoting a physical product, I might still exist in the social media world but I’m promoting a deep introspective process and it requires time and consistency.  I’d rather focus on those who have taken the time to come subscribe on my website/YouTube/podcast platforms, even if it’s just 10 people that absorb that information on a regular basis.  Those people have chosen to engage.  It’s worth it to me to have my energy focused on serving that small group well, versus trying to grow my following on social.

Be clear, I’m not against social media.  It’s the internet and I’m clearly in favor of the internet.  However, you can only do so many things well and I don’t like to have clutter.  If I’m not going to post on those platforms, I’m not going to have profiles there.  I’d rather focus on how I can make my YouTube/Podcast content better and let those who are watching/listening/reading provide feedback as someone who is engaged.  I think we both get better that way.

I once heard on a podcast one of the founders of the shoe company, All Birds, say that the best piece of advice he ever got on business is the idea that innovation is not always some complex process or product.  Sometimes innovation is what you take away from a product or service.  I like that advice.

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